Students Disciplining

Irregularities that deserve correction:

1) Disruptive activities at the university and student residences.

2) And mastermind abstinence from attending lectures and lessons or other academic work which requires the attendance regulations.

3) All sayings or deeds which affect the honor and dignity or prejudice the good conduct and behavior and integrity in religion and creation inside and outside the university.

4) Each breach of the test system or to be calm him making a noise and the like.

5) All of fraud in the test or initiate it or attempt to cheat or to accompany their related courses even if it did not benefit.

6) Each organization within the university associations from a previous license from the competent authorities at the university.

7) Abuse university places and accessories and student residences.

8) Version Insert or distribution or collection of funds or signatures before obtaining a license from the competent authorities in the university

Disciplinary sanctions for students:

1)  Written alarming

2) Warning.

3) Cancelling from classes attendance or lectures for two months.

4) The abolition of student examination in one course more than.

5) Banning the student from entering the final exam in a course or more.

6) Separation from the faculty for a year or more.

7) The final Separation of the university.

The student is not to claim that he or is not aware of the systems and regulations of the university and its expressions of instructions.