The folded student may submit his registration to apply for re-credited to the Dean of Admissions and registration both and his record before the interruption in accordance with the following controls:

A) May apply for re-enrollment to the Dean of Admissions and Registration through four semesters of date of Collapse constraint.

B) The concerned faculty Board or relevant authorities approve to re-enrollment of the student.

C) If ever a student Collapse under four semesters and more he can progress to the new University student without reference to the previous study  record that apply to it all the acceptance conditions stated at the time.

D) may not be re-enrollments  in the student more than once.

E) May not be re-enrollments under student folded his registration if was academically alarming.

F) Does not re-enroll the student in the classroom in which bound him foldable


• No student may re-enrollment who separated from the university for educational or ethical reasons or who separated from other university of the same reasons, and if declare after re-recorded that he had previously separated for such reasons shall be deemed his registration canceled from the date of re-enrollment.