A student may transfer from one fuculty to another within the university and in accordance with the following controls:

1) Does not exceed what the student studied at the faculty from which he wants to convert for two semesters.

2) the faculty to which the student transferred should agree with him with  admission requirements.

3) The student should submit his application to the Dean of Admissions and Registration in a period not exceeding the end of the third week of the semester.

4) The transfer should be a once.

5)   The application should attach with the following.

A) The student's academic record.

B) As required by the concerned educational institution to whom transferred for clearance.

• Do not transfer until after clearing courses studied by the student at his faculty.

• It is permissible to accept transferred students from outside the university, according to the following conditions:

1) The student must have studied at a recognized faculty or university.

2) Not be separated from the transferred university for disciplinary reasons.

3) Transferred applicant must be transferred into one of the disciplines identical or similar to the existing disciplines at the University of Beledwein.


4) That the student takes at least 60% of the requirements for graduation in college transferee.