Attendance and dropout

The student regularly attend lectures and practical lessons and stopped from entering the final examination if the proportion of attendance about 75% of the lectures and practical lessons, each course during the semester and is a student who was stopped from entering  the examination for absence the lessons which taken his estimate forbidden.

• A student who is absent from the final test has  zero degree in this test and calculates appreciation in that courses on the basis of quarterly degrees obtained.

• If the student can attend the final test in any of the courses for compulsive reasons for the faculty Board in cases of extreme necessity, to accept his excuse and allow giving alternative test but the student should submit his excuse in appropriate examination time to the excuse until the end of the second week of the end of the tests The estimate gives the student who receives it after his performance test alternative.

• If a student dropped-out from study without an acceptable excuse for twenty days offline, or a total of 25% of the number of recorded courses folding his registration of the university and the university council folded under the student if cut off from the study for less.

Apology and the postponement of non-study

• A student may apologize for continuing to study a semester without considering as failure if the student provides an acceptable excuse to the faculty Board and prior to the commencement of the final tests at least five weeks before this chapter is calculated from the time needed to finish the requirements for graduation.

• A student has permitted before regularity in the academic level to apply to postpone the study to acceptable excuse to the College Board not to exceed a period of postponement two consecutive semesters or three non-consecutive semesters end during his stay at the university and do not count for the delay in the time needed to finish the requirements for graduation.

• If the students` apology returned or delayed the resumption of study on time, he should submit his application to the dean Admission and Registration for the issuance of a decision to do so.


• If the student delayed the resumption of the study at the time issued a Dean of Admissions and Registration Collapse credited decision.