The study system

A) The study goes in the university level on the system level.

B) The study in the University of Academic Year consists of at least 8 levels.

C) The duration of the academic level is one semester.

D) Ranging in the study and student success in study levels and syllabus in accordance with the rules of the transition from one level to another.

Detailed rules governing the transition from one level to another:

First: the students who were not affected due to failure in courses they are registered in the decisions of the next level gradually, starting from the lower levels according to the approved study plans.

Second: The affected students re-enrolled in curriculum decisions and repetition are enrolled in courses at the following levels according to the following conditions:

1) Minimum academic load is 15 credits and the upper limit from 25 units of study.

2) If the student fails the minimum set of units planned education or more is required to re-examine these courses.

3) If the student fails in a less than the minimum of modules required to restore the registry in reexamination of these courses, the other courses of the next levels, taking into account the following:

A) Lack of conflict in Time Table of Education.

B) Meet the requirements of the previous courses to be registered

C) If the students` rate of 2 or less than it takes to study only the minimum

D) not be allowed to register courses to the level that follows him down and if the student cannot register the minimum academic load for students from the level below the level for whatever reason are not allowed to scoring in the courses of the next levels to complete the minimum and not completed the minimum only forbidden units available.