1) Report the eternal message of Islam to the world through advocacy, education, undergraduate and postgraduate.
2) Planting and development of the Islamic spirit and deepen practical religion in the life of the individual and society, based on the sincerity of the worship of Allah and abstraction follow-up to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him.
3) The transmit ion of skills and abilities of different scientific and practical for students.
4) Contribute to the transfer of modern science and technology.
5) Build a balanced personality with high values and higher education opportunities for high school graduates and providing students with scientific skills who able to take responsibility.
6) A closer relationship with the scientific international and private academic universities to achieve the goals and scientific growth and development in various fields through the exchange of experiences and knowledge.
7) The participation of scientific conferences and symposia in order to contribute to the enrichment of scientific knowledge and utilization of the right direction.

8) Work seriously and continued to direct toward the Somali community through peace, trust and through seminars, training courses and objective lectures.