The definition of the university:

The University is a private educational institution with its entity and distinctive logo, which means the spreading of different science float and literary legitimacy and applied to the development of higher education, and is based on management three two councils, and each of the functions and powers.

Date of Establishment:

Beledwein University, founded in Mogadishu on 01/o6/2009

University headquarter: Beledwein , capital of Hiran region – Somalia

The reasons for the establishment of the university :

After a meeting of intellectuals who have studied the current situation in the province of Hiran and inspected the conditions of education in the region, which is the largest (Region interest in education after Mogadishu in southern Somalia) and the situation with Somalia, agreed to establish University covering the needs of students graduating from high schools, public , There are currently in the province of Hiran nearly ten schools each school has its secondary graduate at the top of each year 700 students and about his students; Accordingly Beledwein University has to provide all the wishes of the students in the region who obtained a high school certificate , and focused on covering the needs of the students .